Client: Health Research Authority, Department of Health, UK
Duration: 2013 - presently
Type: Complex web management application solution
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The Ethical Review Process System (ERPS) is a web-based management information system used by the Health Research Authority (HRA Approval, the Social Care REC and the Devolved Administrations in the UK) for all research ethics applications that require NHS REC (National Health Service Research Ethics Committee) review and/or HRA Approval.

ERPS and its functionalities allow administrators to track the whole clinical research trials application review process, as well as post-approval monitoring and reporting. The application migrates large amounts of data in order to allow a flexible workflow management. It includes modules for easier management of contacts (address-book), meetings, applications, workflows, documents, alerts, reports, etc.
Currently, the system:

  • is used by 130+ Research Ethics Committees in the UK;
  • has over 350 users;
  • gets 1000+ applications per month;
  • includes REC e-submissions in the initial package;
  • is supported by a dedicated help desk team;
  • provides CAG portal;
  • arrives with a TOPS portal which tracks patients’ participation in trials and helps researchers prevent them from taking part in studies too frequently using the;
  • provides easier access to study-related data and relevant documentation with a linked Committee Members Portal.

Technology used:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server



The ERPS is used by research experts and all NHS RECs to:

  • manage Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) applications;
  • manage HRA Approval processes;
  • post-approval monitoring;
  • transformation and migration of large volumes of data;
  • view study data and associated documentation;
  • record and measure the time taken to award decisions;
  • produce correspondence;
  • manage meetings and contacts;
  • produce research summaries.