Client: Health Research Authority, Department of Health, UK
Duration: 2015 - presently
Type: Complex web management application solution
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Software created for the HRA (Health Research Authority) and used by research experts to submit their applications, and apply for NHS/HSC R&D permissions and Ethical reviews (REC) in the UK.  As a web portal acting as a single point of entry for study data, ANS generates all the forms that researchers and authorized bodies need in order to obtain approvals for their study.

Focusing our efforts on developing 100% enhanced system, we included advanced functionalities that more easily fit to the changes in the requirements of review bodies. Our strategy comprised of four stage deployment process: Development; Testing; Staging; Production.

We prepared a resource plan to save additional expenses and reduce development time. With a further integration and automation of common tasks, our dedicated teams managed to extend the life of the system and reduced term costs. To reduce complexity of the existing software data management options, our development team created options for extensive system documentation. The applied filters help users make sure that the data they have collected is relevant to the type of the study and applies to permissions and approvals required. To save time and to eliminate risks, the system was updated in a way that enables users to enter study information and specifics once without having to duplicate the same information in separate application forms.

To further speed up the process of collecting authorizations, we included options for authorizing declarations electronically.

In order to comply with HRA/DH policies and standards, we applied strict and fully transparent quality assurance and control operations, open to full inspection by the HRA’s own Quality function.

Technology used:

  • ASP.NET;
  • Web Forms;
  • VB.NET;
  • MS SQL Server.


Currently, the system:

  • is used by 100 000+ clinical research professionals across the UK as an Internet Portal for submitting applications to Review Bodies (organisations);
  • has more than 150 000 research projects integrated in it;
  • has over 100 000 electronically authorized studies;
  • represents a dynamic forms system (40 forms, 800+ questions);
  • receives thousands of electronic applications per month;
  • offers 24/7 support by our certified Help Desk department.