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CREATIF provides the CCI with a creative experience collaborative tool consisting of intuitive software design tools coupled to a digital materials printer allowing them to create bespoke smart fabrics by printing. The design tools consist of software to collaboratively design, layout, visualize and simulate smart fabrics, which are then produced using a materials printer; conventional fabrics are functionalized by printing active electronic inks. Visualization and simulation will interact in the collaborative design process with the senses of sight, hearing and touch.


Grafixoft`s responsibilities with the project and the consortium were to create intuitive system with graphically appealing User Interface. The system consists of a drawing tool, which provides the functionality needed by the user in order to create own smart design from scratch. It also has translation tools through which the design can be programmed and translated to a printable format supported by the large-scale printer, designed and constructed throughout the project. The development methodology used was Scrum with frequent discussion between the consortium members.