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HeleCloud™ is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology consultancy with offices in London, UK, and Sofia, Bulgaria that helps enterprises of all sizes establish Cloud vision, and execute Cloud strategies through their industry leading Cloud Roadmap methodology. HeleCloud™ also provides Cloud managed services to further amplify Cloud benefits and enable enterprises to focus on their core business and customers.

HeleCloud™. Your Cloud competency partners.

HeleCloud is a “new breed” of IT consultancy that can provide a better way of building for the future by helping businesses take advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer. Unlike many of the established players, HeleCloud was born-in-the-cloud and grown by seasoned Cloud experts with years of experience in executing cloud strategies for businesses around the world.

With this level of Cloud expertise on-tap, HeleCloud can re-design a company’s complex IT infrastructure to operate on public Cloud platforms in highly secure and regulated environments – a rarity in this market. What’s more, it can deliver this in 3-12 months, depending on project size. This means that rather than “lifting and shifting” a company’s business and technical problems into the cloud environment, HeleCloud can take organisations on a complete journey – everything from strategic technology consultancy, to engineering, to Cloud-based managed services, and even technical training.

HeleCloud has developed a number of unique methods and tools that address core technical and cultural challenges to help companies to make the most of Cloud. HeleCloud’s Cloud Automation Solution is the perfect example of this. HeleCloud Cloud Automation Solution is a secure and robust platform that offers customers a way to manage multiple activities, whilst also providing a central storage and access point for the underlying data, and emerging technologies including Machine Learning, so that the value can be realised.

When a business decides to make the move into the Cloud, HeleCloud is able to support during what can sometimes be an uncomfortable process. HeleCloud provides a service beyond a migration plan – offering training to enable employees to learn about cloud culture, business disruption and transformation. HeleCloud understands the importance of engaging all employees in the next steps of a cloud migration strategy and the significance in this step for overall success of a cloud strategy. More broadly, HeleCloud works with businesses to consider different means of transformation in order to establish a vision for your business within the cloud and develop governance and a robust cloud strategy for your business.

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