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INDUSTRIA is a global technology consulting, ventures, and development firm. We implement cutting-edge technologies, such as enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation and digital experience to give organisations a clear path to improve performance.

Leading Business Through Digital Transformation

At INDUSTRIA, we are primarily focused on the banking, financial services, insurance, and supply chain markets, though our solutions apply to a wide range of industries and use cases.

Enterprise Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology)

We are a complete enterprise blockchain solutions provider that covers everything from initial idea through prototyping to full implementation and support. We offer an unmatched end-to-end service that guides and assists your project every step of the way. Our approach is focused on interoperability, safety, and reliability. We are a highly strategic R3 partner and are rated as a top advisory firm within the Corda ecosystem by Chainstack.

Confidential Computing

Confidential computing is a new approach to security. It uses what’s known as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to isolate your data and keep it safe. It solves many of today’s challenges of the security of data in use. Confidential Computing provides strong data security ensured on a low level by software encryption algorithms combined with specific hardware enclaves. And our deep tech team knows how it operates inside out.

Business Process Automation

The most immediate changes come from redesigning and optimising pre-existing processes. This includes everything from zeroing in on target-oriented and profitable handling of actions between the organisation, business units, and IT. We can offer process modelling, analysis, strategy, process design, simulation, lean decision management, and cognitive business operations from induction to maturation.

Digital Experience

Digital experience means a lot of things, but we mean an experience that is original and only made possible within the context of digital technology. We offer world-class expertise in all facets of digital experience – this includes highly functional applications, specifically designed for unmatched customer experiences, the latest developments in Content Management Systems, personalised content that’s timely, authoritative, and scalable, and solutions that are easily integrable into any tool you might be using.

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