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International Human Resources (IHR) was set up in 2001.  We are pioneers in the Leadership space who are in the frontline of providing some unparalleled integrated solutions and services in both Strategic and Operational People management, Leadership and Talent Development, Training and Coaching, Outplacement and Outsourcing.

The widely recognized differentiating factor for IHR is that we are driven by Customer centricity and have the ability to personalize products and services and anticipate customer needs.

As experts in helping organizations and individuals to evolve and become more sustainable in their success, we’ve been working together with our clients – individuals and local and international companies from all size to develop end-to-end integrated solutions for Outperformance.

IHR is the exclusive consultant and license holder of Investors in People Standard for Bulgaria and delivers the British Qualifications Programmes – CIPD,CIM, CIPS .

Our core services include:

  • Human Resources Management and Development – full-spectrum of people strategy services including policy development and execution of  leadership and talent development, onboarding, performance management, learning and development programmes, job evaluation, employee surveys, and outplacement and coaching
  • Courses delivery of the British Qualifications Programmes – CIPD,CIM, CIPS
  • Investors in People advisory and accreditation services Investors in People is a business improvement tool and global benchmark for Outperformance in disruptive time. It provides the most successful and flexible framework for sustainable business success through people.
  • People management consulting
  • Soft Skills Training programmes (Distance and Classroom)
  • Outplacement services for leaders and employees
  • Transformational leadership in virtual working environment
  • Individual Leadership and Group Coaching
  • Conversational intelligence and coaching; “Have a nice conflict with SDI”
  • Emotional & Social intelligence during the outbreak

    Our crisis proposition

    Experienced in many years in business and people management consulting and outplacement services, we at International Human Resources (IHR) know how redundancy affects people, how Employers feel when they have to let people go.

    Take the biggest advantage in times of Disruption and take Outplacement care of your people. 

    Support them through this transition process, using our outplacement programme to equip them with skills to find new career opportunities.

    We assist organisations in helping their employees, through structured Outplacement coaching programmes.

    Our Outplacement programme is a tailor – made service and can be adjusted to your requirements.

    We offer different packages of outplacement. They can go from Group sessions, one- to- one outplacement coaching to ongoing coaching support sessions.


    The standard online Outplacement Coaching services for individuals and teams are 10 sessions of 1.5 h each.


    We will provide free coaching tools and the first 2 distance coaching sessions for free.



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