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Summary information

Develops and maintains the mishmash.io DBMS – the Big Data platform for customer-facing apps.

Integrate disparate data sources, build predictive models, put them to work inside your software. Using skills you already have.

Teach your web site to do business

mishmash.io is a high performance, distributed Database Management System of a new generation.

  • Integrate all data – structured, unstructured, text, geospatial, etc.
  • Build predictive algorithms – for customer behavior, fraud detection and more
  • Put analytics to work – on your web site, WHEN and WHERE your customers decide to buy or not
  • Get on the Big Data track using skills you already have

Company Verticals

Data Analytics, Management and InternetSoftware

Company Technologies

Amazon Web Services (AWS)CassandraHadoopJavaJavaScriptMicrosoft AzureMongoDBNode.jsPHPPythonRubyScalaSpark


Andrey Rusev

/VP Real-time Analytics/

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