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Summary information

NCB is a high-end software delivery organisation that provides services in delivering innovative, custom products and solutions based on the most advanced technology and architectural trends. We are a trusted partner to many global companies from automotive, marketing, IT to the fintech sector. Our staff is a fully bilingual team of high skilled experts in their respective domains. We cover all steps in the product development lifecycle, from product vision and UX all the way to development and continued maintenance.

Consulting and Full Cycle Product Development

NCB was founded in 2013 by senior partners with over 20 years of individual experience in their professional fields.
NCB team consists of a group of bilingual engineers with extensive technology and business experience in solving complex challenges united by a passion for innovation, creativity and building high-quality software products. NCB uses innovative technologies that have the capacity of bringing to life revolutionary ideas that can change and better the world compared to the way we know it.

• FinTech
• Automobile Industry Suppliers
• eCommerce
• Blockchain
• Advertising & Marketing
• Insurance
• Banking
• Custom Software Development

• Strategy and Roadmap Consulting
• Soware Architecture
• Custom Product Development
• Marketing Data Driven Software Solutions
• Web Design and Web Development
• Development of Solutions Based on Blockchain Technology
• Development of Smart Ethereum and Hyperledger Contracts
• Developments and Audit Service
• Software Testing Services
• Systems Administration and DevOps
• Deep Learning Driven Solutions
• Machine Learning Implementations

Company Verticals

Advertising, Marketing and PRData Analytics, Management and InternetE-Commerce and Internet BusinessFinancial Services OtherSoftware and Internet Other

Company Technologies

Amazon Web Services (AWS)AngularJSDockerGoGoogle CloudHadoopiOSJavaLaravelMicrosoft AzureMongoDBMySQLNode.jsPHPPostgreSQLPythonReact.JSServerlessSparkSwift


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