Client: Hiveterminal
Duration: 18 months +, 12 team members
Type: Blockchain based invoice financing platform

Project of NCB Ltd

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Hiveterminal is a Blockchain based invoice financing platform. It uses peer-to-peer invoice financing to instantly unlock companies working capital.

Using blockchain, the Hiveterminal cuts costs, automates processes and eliminates invoice duplication to open up new sources of financial liquidity to small businesses, creating high-return investment opportunities for invoice buyers in the process.


  • NodeJs
  • Angular
  • Solidity
  • ERC20 token
  • Plasma like design pattern implementation for Ethereum.


  • Free access to liquidity for companies.
  • Real-time risk scoring algorithms.
  • Know your customer and anti-money laundering verification of investors.
  • Fast, engaging and intuitive for first-time investors.
  • High return investment opportunities.
  • Integration with ERP systems like MS Dynamics.
  • HVN utility token integration with internal HVN purchase option.
  • High security standards.
  • Full administration capabilities for support team.