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Newtrend Marketing Agency helps businesses quickly retune their sales processes, change priorities and communication strategy, minimize financial losses. You can find more information about our Crisis Management Packages and Price Offer at:

Crisis Marketing & Master Level Change Management

It’s no secret that the spread of COVID-19 has sharply disrupted the lives of so many of us. It did not allow businesses to adapt gradually. It has already done, and will continue to do damage. As the ancient Tibetan proverb states: it is undoubtedly a time “to change what we can and accept what we cannot.”

We at Newtrend Agency believe that together we can distinguish the first part of the proverb from the second half. On the one hand, the imposed quarantine “closed” everyone in their homes and reduced the turnover, on the other – increased the engaged presence of consumers on social networks and the web as a whole.

Increased media traffic enables a broader and more effective advertising positioning, and as business consultants we have learned that successful crisis management requires more creativity and adaptability. That is why we launched an initiative to support small and medium-sized businesses and created three thematic packages of our marketing services, which we launched specifically to overcome the crisis. We hope these would grant you the support so much needed.

  • If you want to quickly reconfigure your sales processes and change your priorities, then the “Emergency Package” is for you. The “Emergency” Package helps businesses quickly retune their sales processes, change priorities and communication strategy, minimize financial losses. The package includes marketing diagnosis of the company’s digital IQ and its crisis management capabilities + individual consultation with strategic recommendations and action plan + 3 individual consulting sessions for key employees were laid off.
  • If you need to overcome the brain blockages of your teams and increase their productivity, see how we can help you with the Overcoming Brain Blockage Package. Suitable for companies that need to overcome the “brain blockages” of their teams and increase their productivity. Yes, we are all interested in the scale of the pandemic in the world and follow the Facebook posts, but how can  you avoid the toxic distraction of this crisis over the work and tasks that you delegate to your teams. Right now, they need to be motivated and more focused than ever  The package includes 5 hours of work with a team of experts, consisting of 1 hour for marketing audit and analysis + 2 hours for individual consultation + 2 hours for workshops to increase employee effectiveness during a crisis.
  • If you need to understand change and plan your annual crisis marketing – you will be interested in Master Level Change Management package.

Master Level Change Management

Suitable for medium-sized businesses and companies looking to understand the change and plan their annual crisis marketing plan.

The package enables the inclusion of individual services according to the focus and needs of the company + a deep economic analysis of the challenges that a specific business niche (and business-related) will overcome with recommendations for marketing and communication strategy adaptation. The package includes:

Annual Planning – Crisis Marketing 2020-2021, which includes:

  • Individual online consultation with a marketing strategist who analyses the company’s situation and tracks the progress – 12 meetings per 1 hour each (1 meeting monthly).
  • Marketing research – macro and micro environment analysis + analysis of competition.
  • Risk analysis and potential long-term effects.
  • Marketing strategy – goal setting, audience targeting, trends, innovation and risk areas.
  • Communication strategy – selection of communication channels and creation of epistles. Content strategy.
  • Marketing and communication strategy are delivered to the client in the form of a report (80-100p.). Metrics and analytical tools recommended and approved by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are used.

Change Management: Advanced Level –  fully adapted to the specific needs of the company

  • “The Circle of Change Management” – a specific tool * for the preparation of Change Management Communication and Implementation Strategy *, based on Hughes 2010;
  • “Attitudes Analysis and ideas generation for specific steps of the change implementation planned by the Change Agents & Management.
  • Understanding Change through the eyes of the employee – a practical workshop.
  • Strategic Master Mind Sessions for key employees.

What is our experience?

Newtrend Agency is a boutique marketing agency focused on strategic marketing communications and business development for companies. On the market for 15 years. Part of the professional jury of the “Best Site of the Year” competition. An active member of the Bulgarian-British Business Association and a marketing partner of the “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development” in the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Program. John Atanasoff President Award Recognition for particularly high public contribution in the field of Computer Science.

Olga Mineva is an organizational psychologist and consultant with degrees in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and Organizational Psychology from the University of London, UK. As a consultant and trainer, Olga has over 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of numerous training programs and strategic projects on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Team Effectiveness, Change Management, Leadership Skills, Motivation and more.




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