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To ensure the creation and the impeccable function of a massive multiplayer online game, our client a gaming studio needed a partner to build and manage the backend game server. They were looking for a software company to build a scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure capable of serving hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously across the world.

To ensure smooth and unburdened game creation process the team had to adopt micro service architecture where the system is developed as a suit of independently deployable small modular services in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a goal.

In depth the gaming studio was looking for a solution to incorporate high availability, multi-region deployment, easy deployment of environments, high load capacity, easy monitoring and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

R&D Solutions AWS experts were trusted to design, develop and manage the gamer server infrastructure. The created Game Services are a suite of RESTful web services designed specifically for the needs of games and for accomplishing studio’s primary goal – to provide seamless user experience. R&D Solutions have provided comprehensive and reliable cloud solution to power the games, since an online game is as good as the infrastructure behind it. The Game Services are built with multiple games in mind. To accomplish this the system is game independent, not burdened with any game specific logic. With finalizing the setting up of the microservice structure to service the game server, R&D Solutions provided working environment for game creation and for gaming itself. Operating services that we delivered include: Authorization; Configuration; Data Storage; Game Monitoring; Push Notifications; Balancer; Translation.

The next stage of the project is management of the AWS infrastructure to ensure both flawless execution of game development and exquisite user experience for the players.