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Summary information

Umni is a Bulgarian chatbot agency focused on creating, maintaining and training AI chatbots for hospitality businesses and other industries. The Umni chatbots are mainly service oriented, providing 24/7 information to customers and assisting them with routine tasks (reservations, inquiries, checking status etc.) through built-in modules or integrations with systems and platforms, assisting also with sales & marketing of the business.

Chatbot Agency Umni

Top advantages and benefits of a chatbot:

  • Works 24/7
  • In 1 or more languages
  • Services multiple clients simultaneously, offers instant respond
  • Helps, refers to and automate inquiries, bookings, status check
  • Provides customers with a quality information and
  • Automates Frequently Asked Questions
  • Saves/Optimizes the Staff working time
  • Saves the Client’s time
  • Saves business resources
  • Becomes an employee’s training tool
  • Provides a feedback
  • Provides a contactless way of communication (addresses biosecurity concerns)
  • Does not take a sick leave – works when everybody else doesn’t

For HOTEL customers:

Umni provides MyBot, a chatbot management platform for helping hotels with their bots in messenger, with:

  • Built-in Mini-booking module for receiving and managing inquiries for hotel services: accommodations, table at the restaurant, massage, transfer, other
  • Promotions and Rates module to create new offers in the chatbot and manage them with couple clicks
  • Centralized hotel conversational AI module (with built-in over 350 hotel topics with over 3,000 customer questions in it) – to easily answer new customer questions and keep the content up to date,
  • Insights module with live statistics about the users’ behavior and other, valuable information for the further marketing efforts of the business.

In April 2019, Umni created the first City Concierge tourist chatbot in Bulgaria, for Plovdiv City – the European capital of Culture’19.

In October 2019, Umni was named the best Hotel and Restaurant Software 2019 at the 3rd Int’l Smart Tourism Conference (Bulgaria).

Among our customers are:

Diners Club Bulgaria, TEZ Tour, 4-star hotels and other accommodation businesses, Dermatology clinic, Regional library, Int’l non-alcoholic beverages company and others.

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