Incident Management Software (IMS)

Client: The Response Group

The Incident Management System (IMS) represents a user-friendly system of forms that serves to guarantee that command officials have valid, updated information about and during a crisis event. As a fully NIMS*-compliant software package it was developed with the idea to be an all-encompassing tool for addressing, discovering, monitoring, following, and solving incidents and critical situations of all kind.

* National Incident Management System

BGO Software

UK Government Ethical Review Process System

Client: Health Research Authority ...

The Ethical Review Process System (ERPS) is a web-based management information system used by the Health Research Authority(HRA Approval, the Social Care REC and the Devolved Administrations in the UK)for all research ethics applications that require NHS REC (National Health Service Research Ethics Committee) review and/or HRA Approval.

BGO Software

UK Government System for Clinical Research Data Submi

Client: Health Research Authority ...

Software created for the HRA (Health Research Authority) and used by research experts to submit their applications, and apply for NHS/HSC R&D permissions and Ethical reviews (REC) in the UK.  As a web portal acting as a single point of entry for study data, ANS generates all the forms that researchers and authorized bodies need in order to obtain approvals for their study.

BGO Software

Sales Training Methodology Software

Client: Top 20 Sales Training Com ...

Software implementations of sales training methodologies over variety of CRMs (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Oracle On Demand, Oracle Sales Cloud) or as a cloud service.

SoftConsultGroup Ltd.

Business Process Management System

Client: Gartner Cool Vendor Compa ...

Initially sold as an appliance, later as an on-premise or cloud service, the software covers all aspects of a BPM Suite.

SoftConsultGroup Ltd.

Text Analytics software

Client: Market Research company

Natural Language Processing software used to analyze surveys and user sentiments for end clients in automotive and telco industries.

SoftConsultGroup Ltd.


Client: Hiveterminal

Hiveterminal is a Blockchain based invoice financing platform. It uses peer-to-peer invoice financing to instantly unlock companies working capital.

Using blockchain, the Hiveterminal cuts costs, automates processes and eliminates invoice duplication to open up new sources of financial liquidity to small businesses, creating high-return investment opportunities for invoice buyers in the process.



Client: Dynarex

Dynarex is a product destined to challenge the car insurance industry. The mobile app enables controllers to collect all data (notes, audio, images) and have it synchronised and stored immediately or off-line for in-office processing. The app builds up the efficiency of the whole process – from assessments to the final resolutions.



Client: AUDI&VW Canada

NCB has built a custom software product which replaced the manual process(excel) of managing dealership price lists and discounts across Canada. The product is a basically a configuration tool for management of special offers on the website, as well as generating print advertisement and end-of-lease email and direct mail programs.


AWS Migration

Client: Aviation Company

A company in enterprise sector was looking for partner to migrate an
Java Monolith application to containerized environment in AWS. In
this way to improve the release cycles, overall operations activities
and availability of services.


Automated build and deploy environment using AWS and

Client: Company providing payment ...

A client of ours, providing payments software solutions for one of the
biggest automobile companies in Germany wanted us to build an
integration test environment. The environment had to be provisioned
automatically on any of the public clouds as well as the customer’s
private cloud.The goal is to achieve the exact same functionality, already present on
the less security restricted public cloud in a fully automated way; e.g.
deploy multiple microservices that work together automatically, run
validation tests, gather logs and metrics. The validation is considered
successful, once every python and selenium QA test has finished without
failing. Then the temporary environment / namespace is torn down.
The code that had passed the test pipeline is tagged as release
candidate and transferred to client-hosted Docker registry in the form of
a docker images. Of course, despite the tight deadlines, the project had
to be done according all of the DevOps best practices.